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Electronics Engineering

Electronics Engineering is a branch of electrical engineering. The discipline studies the use of electromagnetic spectrum in a broad way and is related to the application of electronic devices like integrated circuits, transistors etc. It also deals with the design and application of circuitry and equipment for power generation and distribution, machine control, and communications. Students learn to design electronic circuits, computer systems and also develop control systems. BE/B.Tech in Electronics Engineering is a four-year program. The sub-disciplines of Electronics Engineering include power, control, electronics, microelectronics and Signal Processing, Telecommunications, Instrumentation, and Computers.

Electronic engineering develops the way electricity is used to control equipment. Electronic engineers continually improve the quality of our lives through the development of new equipment in the fields of medicine, communications, computing, security, business and entertainment.


To get a better idea about the course structure, let us go through a list of important subjects present in this program.

Semester - I
Applied Mathematics-I
Applied Physics-I
Applied Chemistry -I
Engineering Mechanics
Basic Electrical Engineering
Environmental studies
Basic Workshop Practice-I
Semester - II
Applied Mathematics-II
Applied Physics-II
Applied Chemistry -II
Engineering Drawing
Structured Programming Approach
Communication Skills
Basic Workshop Practice-II
Semester - III
Applied Mathematics -III
Electronic Devices and Circuits I
Digital Circuit Design
Electrical Network Analysis and Synthesis
Electronics Instruments and Measurement
Object Oriented Programming Methodology Laboratory
Semester - IV
Applied Mathematics- IV
Electronic Devices and Circuits II
Microprocessors and Applications
Digital System Design
Principles of Communication Engineering
Linear Control Systems
Semester - V
Micro-controllers and Applications
Digital Communication
Engineering Electromagnetics
Design with Linear Integrated Circuits
Department Level optional courses I
Business Communication & Ethics
Semester - VI
Embedded System and RTOS
Computer Communication Network
VLSI Design
Signals and systems
Department Level Optional Course - II
Semester - VII
Instrumentation System Design
Power Electronics
Digital signal processing
Department Level Optional Course - III
Institute Level Optional Course - I
Project I
Semester - VIII
Internet of Things
Analog and Mixed VLSI Design
Department Level Optional Course - IV
Institute Level Optional Course - II
Project II